North America Roundtable

Strategic Digital Foresight—
Creating the Leading Companies of Tomorrow

New York
15–16 November 2012


A.T. Kearney partners look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Digital Business Forum Executive Roundtable beginning on the afternoon of November 15 and concluding on the afternoon of November 16 at The Standard Hotel in New York.

A.T. Kearney's Digital Business Forum (DBF)

The Digital Business Forum—in partnership with A.T. Kearney's Global Business Policy Council (GBPC)—is a global, multidisciplinary network of experts focused on developing strategic foresight into the impact of digitization on business and society. The DBF provides a unique opportunity to expand members' understanding of digital innovation and its transformative impact on global business.

An Opportunity to Develop Strategic Digital Foresight

Digital disruption is one of the most significant factors driving business and societal change around the globe. Digital innovations have led to the creation, destruction, and transformation of businesses, industries, and even governments. Yet few organizations are fully exploiting the potential of digital innovation.

The DBF Roundtable will explore these and other issues that are destined to define the digital future. Panel discussions will be led by experts and business innovators on the following topics:

  • Digital Consumer — Hyper-connected and socially empowered consumers are forcing new business models, product strategies, and consumer engagement models
  • Digital Supply Chain (Industry 4.0) — Digital technologies are fundamentally changing manufacturing and supply chain operations
  • Digital Enterprise — Companies and their organizational constructs are changing in response to digital disruption
  • Scenario Planning — The Roundtable concludes with a Digital Futures Scenario Planning session

The Digital Business Forum Executive Roundtable offers participants an opportunity to engage in one-on-one conversations with some of the world's most accomplished digital experts, business innovators, and global thought leaders. You will hear from those on the frontlines of the digital "uprising" as they share their perspectives on where and when the next new technology is likely to hit, discuss the real-world strategies used to capitalize on digital innovations, and outline the global implications.

As you peruse this Digital Business Forum Executive Roundtable website you will find information that relates to the event agenda with session times, panel abstracts, and the A.T. Kearney participants' list.

The program includes extended breaks to facilitate networking. Our evening event on November 15 is an opportunity to connect with a unique and multi-disciplinary group of experts and peers, and to hear first-hand accounts of how the digital revolution is changing the face of business.

For more information or questions about this event, please contact Richard Ashbaugh at +1 312 223 6239.

Warm Regards,

Robert Haas and the A.T. Kearney Digital Business Forum Executive Roundtable Committee