Become a Leader in
Complexity Management

Complexity tends to take on a life of its own. As if by inertia, product portfolios expand, processes and systems proliferate, and organizational structures become increasingly elaborate. But because complexity's effects are scattered across the value chain, it's difficult to see the relationship between complexity and cost.

A.T. Kearney helps companies get beyond the low-hanging fruit, putting a spotlight on the cost—and value—of complexity to tackle opportunities for systematic, cross-functional complexity optimization. Our complexity management projects frequently deliver margin increases of three to five percentage points.

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Complexity Self Assessment

Benchmark the Complexity Management performance of your company and immediately get a crisp feedback report discussing the following dimensions:


Understand complexity's strategic role and relevance for business success in the given business model and competition.


Ensure systematic transparency over complexity costs, structure, and consumer/customer switching behavior.

Total Value Chain

Actively manage complexity trade-offs across the whole value chain.


Set up the right complexity-control regime that ensures the control of complexity on an ongoing basis.