Ideas Into Action
Breakfast Series for 2017

Digitising Supply Chains

Speaker: Sean Monahan
28 February, Sydney | 2 March, Melbourne

Simplifying Service Operations

Speakers: Harman Lidder, Zorawar Singh
4 April, Melbourne | 6 April, Sydney

Pursuing Customer Inspired Growth

Speakers: Nigel Andrade, Michael Dunstan
23 May, Melbourne | 25 May, Sydney

Amazon Is Coming. Are You Ready?

Speakers: Terry Innerst and Lorin Knive
13 June, Sydney | 20 June, Melbourne

Making Mergers Work

Speakers: Anshuman Sengar, James Sullivan 
18 July, Sydney | 20 July, Melbourne
Networking breakfasts from 7.30 a.m., Presentation from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Automation, Robotic and Artificial Intelligence

Speakers: Mark Soppe, Daria Radchenko
15 August, Sydney | 17 August, Melbourne

Amazon, Alibaba and Millennials – The New Model for Retail

Speaker: Dave Donnan
19 September, Sydney | 21 September, Melbourne

Advantage through Third Party Economics

Speakers: Robert Holt, Robert Harriss, Jonathan Tietke
21 November, Sydney | 23 November, Melbourne