As Canada celebrates its 150th birthday, innovation will drive the nation's economy.
Canada has long stood out for its unique multicultural heritage, welcoming business environment, and skilled workforce. As the country celebrates its 150th birthday, A.T. Kearney's Canadian Innovation Initiative is conducting research and leading expert discussions on how to establish Canada as a global leader in innovation.
The State of Canadian Innovation at 150: Good Intentions, Lackluster Results
As the Canada celebrates its 150th birthday in 2017, the world is accelerating toward a new normal in which rapid technological advances are upending Canada’s traditional industries and institutions. This forces the question: is Canada set up to foster the innovation needed to compete with these disruptors?
Canada-EU Trade Agreement – Free Trade Challenges Us to Innovate
Given the combination of the US presidential election result and Brexit, it would appear that globalization is taking a beating. The reality is more of a mixed bag. Let’s take a closer look at how CETA will impact Canadian companies that export or sell to the domestic market.
Lessons Canada Can Learn from Other Innovative Nations
Canada is at a crossroads. Growth has slowed, and the Trudeau government is seeking ways to diversify the economy and boost productivity, articulating a bold vision of establishing the country as a global center for innovation.
How Companies Can Develop the Capability to Innovate
It has been more than two decades since Clayton Christensen introduced the concept of disruptive innovation. Although the exact definition is still being debated, innovative products, services, and business models continue to disrupt entire industries.

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