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A.T. Kearney @ Silicon Valley brings together inspirational leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and executives to engage in interactive dialogue on the challenges and opportunities facing business and industry today.

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Future of Data - Bottom Article

The Future of Data brings together the leaders, thinkers, entrepreneurs, and executives of the Bay Area. Our agenda includes a networking lunch at A.T. Kearney San Francisco, dinner and cocktails at LinkedIn San Francisco, and a series of informal panels throughout the day exploring three key themes:

  • Session 1: Analog and Digital Natives: Data Strategies—Stories from the battlegrounds
  • Session 2: Data-Enabled Business Models: Data Monetization—Experiences and challenges
  • Session 3: Unlock Value from Data at Scale: Analytics and Digital—Innovative and ethical solutions

Our previous events have gathered leading data experts from Google, HP, IBM, Amazon, Salesforce, Microsoft and more. Please join us, as we re-imagine the future of data.

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