Mapping the Future Mapping the Future

Imagine the competitive advantage your company would have if you and your colleagues could look into the future. A.T. Kearney’s scenario-based approach to strategy development is a powerful tool for identifying alternative futures and determining how to act now to achieve a competitive advantage.

A.T. Kearney's Strategy Summits are two-day events during which senior teams gain clarity about their firms' futures and identify powerful new ways to capture meaningful incremental performance through facilitated sessions with experienced scenario planning and strategy development experts.

We provide a full range of strategic planning instruments—visioning, strategic foresight, forecasting, scenario planning, risk management—each one customized to identify the disruptors and trends most likely impact businesses and industries.

What Past Participants Have Said

Marc Dufour, President and CEO, Club Car
"The structured process we’ve been facilitated with is really helpful because it allows the ability to look broadly across multiple scenarios, select a couple, and then really dig deep into what can happen in our business and really figure out how we work on plans to mitigate that and be successful with our strategies in the future."

Gregory Licuasi, Corporate Strategy, Ingersoll Rand
"Combing the offsite nature with the expertise of the A.T. Kearney partners has taken [my colleagues] a long way—not only in thinking but also in how to communicate. So, as they get back to the corporate headquarters, they’ll be able to present their vision of the future and their strategy in a much more compelling way. The communication aspect of it should definitely not be overlooked."

Wayne Smith, BASF Board of Executive Directors
"It’s invaluable, the world we live in is highly volatile and incredibly difficult to predict in so many ways. So you really have to force yourself to think of different scenarios, not just to go through the process but to and really challenge yourself in how you would do things differently."

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