Unconventional Intervention Unconventional Intervention

Pertento provides a new approach to corporate problem solving and strategic thinking based on the premise that there is more for companies to learn from a good question than there is from a routine answer. We are a diverse group of experts helping clients ask different, better questions to solve mission-critical issues—because we believe the questions initially asked determine the answers eventually embraced. 

On the issues that deeply matter, most business problems—including lack of growth, innovation, and profit—are human problems and are simply the byproduct of limited thinking and bad corporate culture. Pertento uses unconventional tools, techniques, and metrics to get at the root causes of problems by examining the complexities of corporate culture, the edges of markets, the hearts and minds of customers, and the forces shaping our world. Our goal is to help clients see the present for what it is and the future for what it could be. We communicate in the language of people, not business buzzwords, because we believe words should be used to build and connect new thinking and not to reinforce old biases and conventional wisdom.

Each Pertento engagement, whether stand-alone or conducted in association with other A.T. Kearney practices, is customized and unique. Our deliverables vary by engagement but include everything from ethnographic research, futuring, competitive positioning, and design thinking to facilitated strategic discussions, new product development, media and marketing strategy, and mapping corporate cultures.

Pertento is for the Five Percent

Consulting firms possess a deep and powerful arsenal of expertise for addressing mission-critical issues from procurement and supply chain management to organizational optimization and post-merger integration. However, we estimate that five percent of issues are not easily addressed through traditional means and require supplemental non-conventional interventions. Pertento offers rapid and customized engagement of internal and external specialists assembled to either address discrete project barriers or spearhead new organizational thinking.

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