How companies and governments can accelerate value creation through technology and innovation How companies and governments can accelerate value creation through technology and innovation

Disruptive technologies from additive manufacturing to artificial intelligence are transforming global production systems and unleashing a new wave of competition among both producers and countries. They impact and alter all end-to-end steps of the production process and, as a result, transform the products that consumers demand, factory processes and footprints, and the management of global supply chains, in addition to industry dynamics and countries’ access to value chains.

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Production fundamentally impacts our economic structure at a global, regional, national and local scale, on the levels and nature of employment. Collectively, the sectors comprising production have been an important source of economic growth for developed and emerging nations alike, providing well paid jobs for an increasingly skilled workforce, and they continue to be the dominant focus of innovation and development efforts in most countries.

As knowledge partner on the important yearlong World Economic Forum initiative Shaping the Future of Production, A.T. Kearney is at the forefront of this transformation—helping a global team of government and business leaders understand, prepare for, and take advantage of the changes. Drawing upon our deep expertise in manufacturing consulting, we aim to prepare companies and countries to accelerate value creation and come out on top.

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