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Asset Publisher


Today's environment pushes your planning to be more innovative, dynamic and integrated. We bring you the leading edge perspective and powerful new tools you need to adapt your planning process to the unprecedented challenges ahead.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine-Enabled Forecasting Supply



Inventory Management Sales and Operations




Your sourcing strategies should be a powerful driver of overall operations efficiency and agility. Toward those ends, we invite you to consider fresh possibilities and pursue practical new paths to sourcing excellence.

Digital Procurement Supplier Collaboration



Crowd-sourced Bidding Negotiation Strategy





Manufacturing and production are undergoing historic transformation, driven by a new generation of technologies. We help you identify and apply the best technological and management innovations for immediate performance gains and long term competitive advantage.

Manufacturing 4.0 Equipment Reliability



Lean Principles Contract Manufacturing




Traditional distribution management has been distributed by innovative new players leveraging new technologies, as well as by growing consumer power and rising geopolitical tensions. We work with you to turn those challenges into opportunities.

Omnichannel Warehouse of the Future



Network Optimization Last-Mile Delivery

Asset Publisher

We take the time to deeply understand your pressing business challenges and associated implications for your future supply chain from a process, people, infrastructure, and technology perspective. Our globally experienced partners can work with your leadership team and board to ensure operations are rigorously aligned with business objectives, while our project teams blend seamlessly in joint efforts with your company’s leaders and employees. 



We are leaders in the application of technology, but we are never enthralled by it. Technology can be a game changer but it must solve your crucial business challenges. 

When It Matters Most

We are at our best when it matters most. Clients turn to us for: 

Innovative solutions. Our firm is at the forefront of applying digital technologies to make supply chains faster, more adaptive, more controllable, and vastly more efficient. Our partners lead crucial work on Factory of the Future and Industry 4.0 at important events including the World Economic Forum in Davos and A.T. Kearney’s Digital Business Forum. We offer cutting-edge solutions in product portfolio management and were the first to articulate several major operational innovations, including “disruptive procurement” and supply chains that continuously “sense and pivot.” 

Large-scale operations transformation. We excel at helping you rapidly transform your operations to stay ahead of disruptive forces, in ways that concurrently optimize cost-to-serve and the value your company offers customers.



Clients rank us high on making digital relevant to their operations. We don’t innovate for innovation’s sake. We innovate for impact. 

M&A. Our practice plays a big part in making M&A work, providing expert support through option evaluations, operations integration, and synergy capture.

Capital projects. Our deep operations experience helps you realize the greatest possible returns on capital investments toward acquiring, upgrading, and maintaining physical assets. We ensure that your capital projects deliver the best possible blend of strategic and financial benefits.



We are relentlessly results-driven. No one can do more to help your company win with operations.