The Driving Force for ASEAN Growth? Innovation The Driving Force for ASEAN Growth? Innovation

ASEAN has a vision of becoming a 10-nation global economic powerhouse. The fundamentals are in place to capture this vision—from size and demographics to consumer growth and smartphone penetration. Yet the true potential of the region will not be realized untill ASEAN overcomes several obstacles, and untill innovation becomes the driving force behind a full-scale transformation. When all nations work independently and collectively to harness the power of innovation, ASEAN will be primed and ready to achieve its full potential as a global economic powerhouse.

The ASEAN Digital Revolution

Can ASEAN propel a digital revolution—one bold enough to catapult the region into a top five digital economy by 2025? Our latest research sets out five policy imperatives that will not only prompt a digital revolution, but also add $1 trillion to the region’s GDP over the next 10 years.

Lifting The Barriers to Retail Innovation in ASEAN
Heavy-handed regulations, talent shortages, inadequate infrastructure, and limited financing for technology stand between ASEAN retailers and modern retail. It’s time to catch up. 

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