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For more than 20 years, the GBPC has been devoted to developing new and innovative perspectives on key global trends— building an impressive foundation of expertise and insight.

As successive waves of insight on global political, economic, and financial trends have surfaced, the Council has developed an overarching conceptual model that helps organize thinking about the world of change around us. First advanced in GBPC Chairman Paul Laudicina’s 2005 book, World Out of Balance: Navigating Global Risks to Seize Competitive Advantage, the framework consists of six global drivers of change: (1) globalization and the global economy, (2) demographics, (3) the new consumer, (4) natural resources and the environment, (5) governance, regulation, and activism, and (6) technology. In addition, global wildcards—low-probability but high-impact events—are superimposed on each driver.

Consider the scope of change against all six drivers. In 1992, the year when the GBPC was established, the global economy (expressed in current prices) was $24.3 trillion; by 2012, it had grown to nearly $72 trillion. Over the same period, the world population rose by 1.7 billion—to slightly more than 7 billion people. A massive number of new consumers has fundamentally altered global consumption patterns. Resource volatility and dislocation persist. And, at the time of the “end of history,” in the immediate aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, the political prognosis was very different from what we have today.

All this reinforces the need for a clear, continual look at the big global trends at work. For the GBPC, the result is an integrated look at the changing world around us and what it implies for business. When the global drivers are considered together, they offer a compelling background for envisioning outcomes, performing foresight analysis, and developing strategies.

The GBPC monitors developments worldwide and is continually updating and refining its “snapshot” of key global trends. Our vision of the future is geared toward business leaders and shared with CEOs, trade associations, and other relevant groups.

From boardroom briefings and strategic planning sessions, we provide customized assessments, cutting-edge analysis, and insight into all areas relevant to business leaders interested in securing a successful future.  


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