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The World Economic Forum’s latest Global Competitiveness Report asserts that leaders worldwide are struggling to manage the present economic challenge while preparing their economies to perform well in an increasingly complex economic landscape.

The GBPC is developing programs to help alleviate the pressure on world leaders. From the Middle East and Africa to Latin America and East Asia, our teams work with municipal, regional, and national governments to develop new and innovative approaches to improve economic, social, and environmental situations, attract investment, and increase exports. The GBPC advises governments on all aspects related to national competitiveness, including:

  • Export policies and practices designed to spur growth
  • Investment and investment-related strategies and policies
  • Sector- and industry-specific strategies
  • Vision and goal-setting
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Promotion
  • Messaging

The GBPC helps clients navigate through this seemingly unmanageable amount of information relating to national and industry competitiveness. Our teams provide an overarching vision based on an assessment of the current situation, global and industry benchmarks, proposed strategic direction, and policies. We analyze global macro drivers and the impact they have on a country’s existing industry structure and also consider the impact of emerging industries. In the final analysis, we help government leaders create powerful yet realistic goals and align all stakeholders on a common vision.

Increasingly, creating a new strategic direction also means rethinking current development models. We recommend new policy models and help implement policy recommendations to support specific economic and industry development. By building on best practices and applying innovative approaches, we help ensure that our clients deliver on the short- and long-term needs of their constituents.

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