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In How CEOs Stay on Top of Their Game, Harvard Business School Professor Bill George argues: “'It’s extremely important for CEOs to have a peer group they can talk to in an intimate, honest way.' A retreat can be an ideal location for such candid conversations. That’s what happens at the annual meeting of the Global Business Policy Council, where 55 prominent executives, thinkers, and policy figures convene to discuss best practices and strategy.”

That is the enduring rationale for A.T. Kearney’s annual two-day CEO Retreat, the centerpiece of the GBPC’s meetings program established more than 25 years ago by GBPC Chairman Paul Laudicina. The underlying vision was—and continues to be—compelling: Assemble a small group of world-class thought leaders each year, at a unique venue and under unique circumstances, to decipher the big issues of the day and to assess strategies on how to address them.

Our Retreat is the antithesis of the mega-meetings that take place elsewhere each year. The highly selective and personalized forum represents a time for leaders to develop new ideas and fresh approaches to the challenges they face. It also is a chance for them to exchange views and to stress-test assumptions and ideas with respected subject matter experts. In addition to diagnosing various opportunities and challenges, discussion also focuses on what can and should be done—and especially what role business can and should play to shape the commercial environment in the face of ever more turbulent change.


Introduction to the GBPC

Paul Laudicina, Chairman, Global Business Policy Council, Partner, and Chairman Emeritus, A.T. Kearney discusses the mission of the GBPC and highlights the GBPC's continuing work to help government and business leaders plan for the future in a world of change.

CEO Retreat 2015: San Francisco

In late June, the A.T. Kearney Global Business Policy Council convened its annual CEO Retreat in San Francisco to consider the critical issues shaping our future. This year’s focus was on “Technology’s Double Edge”—a net assessment of the breathtaking opportunities associated with scientific discovery and technological innovation, on the one hand, and a look at the growing downsides of wide use of technologies, on the other.

From looming concern over a “Grexit” to the new geopolitics to the big disrupters in business, we captured key insights with leading experts who participated in the Retreat.

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