A.T. Kearney has a long tradition of serving leading communications, media, and technology companies. The sector has seen fortunes earned—and lost—in very short cycles, as technology, regulation, and consumer preferences evolve rapidly. Our practice combines high-impact service offerings to boost the competitiveness of our clients with deep insight into the sector dynamics that ensure that any change is truly future-proof.

  • Invitation to Participate in Internet of Things (IoT) Survey

    While IoT offers tremendous potential, can businesses deliver applications to actualize it?

  • video Is There a Tech Bubble?

    Is There a Tech Bubble?

    BBC, 4 April 2014

    Naveen Menon, leader of A.T. Kearney’s Communication, Media & Technology Practice in Asia Pacific, dispels the notion that there is currently a tech bubble reminiscent of the 2000 era. 

  • Rebooting Europe's High-Tech Industry

    A vibrant high-tech sector can boost Europe's economy, but the right measures must be in place. Learn about 10 concrete steps that EU institutions, governments, industry associations, and companies can take to restore the vitality of Europe’s ICT industry.

  • video Panel: Regulation – Return to Investment?

    Panel: Regulation – Return to Investment?

    Mobile World Live, 27 February 2014

    Mark Page, leader of A.T. Kearney’s Communication, Media & Technology Practice, participates on a panel that discusses the current state of operator investment in the mobile industry.

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Mark Page
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