Greater China

We are looking for candidates who have notable experience in either industry or consulting. Candidates with an MBA degree from a reputable institution are preferable. We strongly prefer candidates who are bilingual in English and Chinese Mandarin, so they are able to function effectively in the local market. They must possess fundamental qualities of consulting practitioners, including, but not limited to, analytical skills, problem-solving, logical and creative thinking, and positive client impact.

The personality characteristics required of A.T. Kearney people can best be described in three words: perceptive, resourceful, achieving. Perceptive because we not only understand issues, we also see through to their root causes and can project potential outcomes. Resourceful because we are creative with a bent toward action, always looking for new and better answers. Achieving because we are not satisfied with average results. An achievement means accomplishing something of significance.

If you are interested in a career with A.T. Kearney Greater China, please apply using our online application.

You can also find more details about local campus recruiting on the Chinese web site:

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